BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team) at Calvert

B.I.S.T is a school-wide behavior management plan that increases student learning time, stops disruptive/hurtful behavior, and teaches skills that will lead to life success. Calvert staff will partner with your child to develop skills to reach these goals.

B.I.S.T. Helps Students Work on These Life Goals:

1. I can take good care of myself, even if I am mad.
2. I can be productive and follow directions even if I don’t want to.
3. I can be okay when others are not okay.

The Two Basic Rules of B.I.S.T. are:

1. It is never okay to be disruptive!
2. It is never okay to be hurtful!

To help teachers, administrators, parents and students learn techniques to effect positive change and create a healthy learning environment for all – this is accomplished through G.R.A.C.E. The acronym G.R.A.C.E. stands for Giving Responsibility and Accountability to Children in Education.

Grace is:

  • Providing what students need, not what they deserve
  • Having a relationship when students reject you
  • Having the courage to hold students accountable

Grace is not:

  • Being permissive
  • Lowering standards
  • Giving more chances

Accountability is:

  • Guiding students to look at what problems the behaviors create in the student’s lives
  • Providing consequences to protect students
  • Waiting for students to partner with adults

Accountability is not:

  • Using anger to get compliance
  • Punishing students
  • Withholding attention

To learn more about B.I.S.T. at Calvert School download a tri-fold pamphlet that goes into more detail.