Welcome to the Calvert Community Learning Center!

In collaboration with Calvert Elementary school, the Calvert Recreation Center, and community partners, Calvert CLC works hard to be a full service community school. As a strategy, the Calvert CLC uses the school and the recreation center as a hub, to foster strong partnerships that allow us to use the strengths of the community to provide family engagement opportunities, promote health and wellness, provide academic and enrichment expanded learning opportunities, create safe spaces, and provide many other supports. By being active in the community we focus on developing students to be successful, supporting their families to thrive, and build up strong neighborhoods.

One of our many services is providing Academic and Enrichment Expanded Learning Opportunities to Calvert students through our After School Program. There are two parts to our After School Program:

  • Before and After School Recreation
  • Quarterly Clubs

Other CORE services, supports, and opportunities though CLC include:

  • Parent/Family Engagement
  • Early Childhood Learning
  • Parent Education and Leadership
  • Community and Service Learning
  • Youth Development and Mentoring
  • Job Training and Career Counseling
  • Mental/Behavioral Health
  • Adult Education/Literacy/Financial
  • Health and Wellness
  • Neighborhood Development/Outreach
  • Nutritional Services and Physical Activity

Calvert CLC School Community Coordinator

Greetings!  My name is Cori Dorenbach.  I am a Lincoln native, living in the same zip code for 97% of my life!  I have diverse experience that I bring with me to serve the Calvert Community.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education along with an Endorsement in Secondary Special Education, both from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  I have also studied Educational Psychology at the graduate level.  I have worked in many human services positions over the years along with teaching.  Now that my three children are grown I am thrilled to have the opportunity to assist youth and families thrive in our community!
If you would like to be involved or have ideas, have questions, need support, or simply a comment please do not hesitate to contact me!
Cori Dorenbach
Calvert  Community Learning Center
School Community Coordinator
Cell: (402) 429-3659
Office: (402) 441-8484